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πŸ“’ Promote and spread your event on social networks.
πŸ“’ Promote and spread your event on social networks.
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It is already known that social networks have become a "primordial" part of our day to day life. Not because we can't live without them, but because we spend hours and hours in front of the screen watching them.

That is why, making it easier for your registrants to be able to publish or share when they have registered for your event, has a high probability of getting more people to know about it and want to participate in it.

As we at AvaiBook Sports know, you can use two different actions from our platform with hashtags #ImGoing and #MyBibNumber. We explain how! πŸ˜„

To activate them in as simple as πŸ‘‰ promotion / social networks: share #ImGoing or, also in the same promotion / social networks section: share #MyBibNumber

#ImGoingfrom AvaiBook Sports With #YoVoy you can design a motivational image in the simplest way possible with a long list of options to choose from among those that best suit your event or upload your own! 😍

#MyBibNumber in AvaiBook Sports With #ImGoing you can create a sketch of the number that the participants will wear on the day of the test and add the details that you consider most important to attract the attention of all the people who can see it. In addition, you can choose the format and size that suits the social networks where you want it to be published.

Once both tools are configured, the participant will be able to share it both on social networks and will have the option to print the image and save it as a souvenir 😊

Get more visibility at your event with these simple steps! πŸ‘

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