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Participant's private area
Participant's private area
Participant's private area, transfer registration, cancel registration
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This feature is vital in our platform. We will start by telling you how it is activated and then we will explain the advantages of using it πŸ€—

πŸ‘‰ Settings / private participant zone / activate participant zone - βœ… yes

If it is activated, as soon as an athlete has registered for your event and the registration is confirmed, they will receive an email with the link to access the private area and be able to verify that all their data is correct. In addition, you can also integrate this section in iframe mode within your website πŸ˜„.

Once activated, you have different fields that you can enable so that your participants can modify their registrations, such as... edit their data, transfer their registration or -even- cancel it. In any of these fields you can indicate until what date your registrants are allowed to modify their data so you will have as much time as you want to download the latest update before the event πŸ’ͺ

Give up registration 🎁

Why don't event organizers often offer the ability to transfer registration from one participant to another? Because its management is very expensive, the participant has to send you an email with the data of the new registration, check that everything is complete (that most of the time information is missing), etc. With AvaiBook Sports, for a participant to transfer the registration is as simple as entering their private area, clicking on I want to transfer my registration and entering the name and email of the person to whom they want to transfer it. AvaiBook Sports will send an email to the new participant to make the change and you won't have to worry about anything 🀝

Cancel registration ❌

All the options of the private area (and this was not going to be less) will appear if you wish. So, if you want your participants to be able to cancel their registration themselves, you will have the following options:

Dates: select the range of dates in which it is possible to cancel it.

Amount: you can also indicate if a fixed amount or a percentage of the registration price is refunded

Fees: you can also enable this option and select which ones can be canceled or not

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