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Customization of the event website
Customization of the event website
Change the web design, personalize it with corporate colors. Look & Feel
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Another good thing about using AvaiBook Sports is that every time you create a sporting event on our platform, you have a web page that you can customize with your corporate colors and in the way that best suits your Look & Feel. To access this design you just have to visit πŸ‘‰ Configuration / Design of the event website

The event website with your corporate colors

All the colors that appear on the event page have a section on our platform so that you can modify them as you prefer (in the main menu and in content is where most are) it is as simple as having the hexadecimal code of the colors that characterize you and go indicating them where you prefer 😊.

If you don't know the hex code, it is best to use tools like ColorZilla to find out in the simplest way πŸ€—.

How to customize the event website

There are many fields that you can customize to your liking: the colors of the entire web can be changed (as we have already commented), the header, the main menu and all the content of the page:

  • Header: you can design one with an image of a test and add your logo or use one of the ones that we propose.

  • Main menu: here you can choose where the menu will go, under the header or on one of the two sides of the page 😊.

  • Content: it is the main section of the event page, this is where all the information appears and the registrants interact. We provide you with a series of customizable widgets and sections in both color and typography.

The advice that we give you from AvaiBook Sports is that you create the design that you like the most on one of the event pages and, in the following, upload the same design so that your registrants recognize the pages of your tests 😍.

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