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AvaiBook Sports Commission
AvaiBook Sports Commission
AvaiBook Sports minimum commission, commission assumed by the organizer or by the participant
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Depending on the rate agreed between AvaiBook Sports and the organizer or timekeeper of the event, a minimum commission will be assigned per registrant. First of all, you can remember the rate you have assigned in 👉 economic / my rate

What is the minimum commission?

It is the minimum amount that will be charged per registered either through an online registration, manual or at physical points. It is a fixed price that depends on the rate you have assigned in AvaiBook Sports. Thus, an example of the commissions depending on the registration price, would be the following for a rate of 6%:

  • For a € 10 registration, you would pay a commission of € 0.6

  • For a € 15 registration, you would pay a commission of € 0.9

  • For a € 5 registration, a commission of € 0.6 will be paid -which is the minimum commission in the assigned rate-.

Who assumes this commission?

In each of the events that you manage, you can select whether it will be you who will assume the commission or whether the participant himself will do it, you can select it at the time of creating the event or in the "my rate" section 😊.

If you decide that the person who is going to assume this commission will be the participant, a drop-down list field will appear in which you can select if you want it to be a fixed commission, a percentage or both. In addition, you can also mark what type of registrations you want this commission to apply to.

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