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Billing to registrants
Billing to registrants
Billing to enrollees, invoices to enrollees
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From AvaiBook Sports we do not manage the invoices of your enrollees, but that does not mean that we do not have the tool for you to do it, we will explain how! 🤗

👉 My profile / invoices / invoices issued

From this section you can create all the invoices you need 😃

Issuance of invoices to registrants

You will be able to select the type of invoice you want to create, whether general or registration, and the tax to add as a percentage. Afterwards, you will only have to complete the rest of the billing information of the enrollee and ... voilà! 🤗

  • General: you can invoice any type of concept.

  • Registration: you can make the invoice for an individual or joint registration. In both options, you must have the registration code at hand to retrieve the data of the registrant.

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