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How to upload the regulations, poster, and other documents to your event
How to upload the regulations, poster, and other documents to your event
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How to upload event regulations

To upload the event regulations you need to go to the following section πŸ‘‰ General / Event Main Data / Regulations.

Upload the document in PDF format, and if you need to upload it in several languages, you will be able to upload them in the corresponding areas easily and immediately 🧑.

It is not mandatory to upload the regulations in different languages. In this case, the regulation will simply be displayed in the language in which you have uploaded them.

By uploading the regulations in this section, the platform will automatically create the field in the entry form, which must be unmarked by the participant, of "I have read and accept the competition regulations" with a link to the regulation.

How to upload the event image

To upload these files, the steps are similar to those for the regulations: πŸ‘‰ General / Main Event Data / Event Image

Should you encounter any problems when uploading an image, please check that the file respects these guidelines: the format must be .jpg, .png or .gif and its size cannot exceed 500 KB. If the platform gives you an error when uploading the image, it will most likely be for one of these reasons.

How to upload the event page header image

To upload this image and further customise your event page, go to: πŸ‘‰ Configuration / Event Website design / Header.

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