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Creation and management of registration fees
Creation and management of registration fees
Activate registration fee, add new registration fee, price fee changes
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Add a new registration fee

It's very simple, you just have to go to πŸ‘‰ configuration / registration fees. You will see the fees that are already created and you will only have to click on create a new registration fee and select if you want it to be for an individual or team registration.

If you want to see how team fees work, click here

To verify the data or the fields to be filled in by the participants, you have to do it from πŸ‘‰ configuration / registration form and you can change or add the fields you want πŸ€—.

How to activate a registration fee

You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the section

  2. πŸ‘‰ configuration / registration fees Edit the registration fee that you want to activate

  3. Select "yes" in the field "visible in public registration form"

Schedule price changes in registration fees

Almost in the same way that a registration fee is activated, you can schedule its change. The only difference is that, instead of editing the quota, you have to select "schedule change". That is, πŸ‘‰ setup / enrollment fees / schedule change.

There you can select if you want a price change reached a date that you mark or once the number of registrants that you indicate has been reached 😊

Automatically disable enrollment fees

At the same point as the previous option to schedule price changes, we have the option of being able to automatically deactivate a certain registration fee when a date arrives.

For example: We want a registration fee consisting of a specific promotion to be deactivated when a certain date arrives, then we would configure that date and uncheck the option of is it still active?

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