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Activate and deactivate events and registrations
Activate and deactivate events and registrations
Event deactivated, event activated, registrations activated, registrations deactivated
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There is no problem in having an event deactivated, finish configuring it and, when you see fit, activate it! πŸ€—

Meanwhile, you will be able to see a test form so that you can check if everything is as you want. Remember that if you are doing tests, once they are finished you must activate the event so that it is activated depending on your registration period, on the contrary, there would be no opening of registrations if the event is deactivated.

To activate or deactivate the event the steps are ... πŸ‘‰ general / activate / deactivate event. From there, you can also deactivate registrations if you don't want to keep them active.

These options also appear on the main screen of your event management panel on the right side of your screen:

Apart from this, the event registrations will be activated and deactivated automatically depending on the registration deadlines and number of available places that you have configured, but this menu allows you to activate and deactivate both the event page and the registrations with only one click for specific and / or urgent cases or in the event that the event has already ended and you do not want it to continue to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

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