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What to do if an event is postponed
What to do if an event is postponed

Event postponed

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If you have to postpone the date of your event, don't worry, here we explain how to manage it step by step from our platform:

  1. Change the date of your event to the new scheduled date, you can do it from 👉 general / main data.

  2. The next and most recommended thing is that you notify those registered for your event: send them an email from 👉 management / communication: creation.

  3. In the event that participants wish to keep their registration for the new date, they do not need to do anything, because by default they will continue to be registered for the new date.

  4. In the event that you want to give them the option to cancel their registration requesting a refund, you have several options:

- We recommend that you activate the participant's private area (from the configuration / participant's private area), and configure the registration cancellations by activating the following option and clicking on "Configure the cancellations of your event":

In this screen you can define how you want the system to calculate the amount that will correspond to each registered person based on your needs: for example, you can define to return 80% of the registration amount but 100% of the additional charges (such as For example, the amount of non-federated or merchandising that they have acquired together with their registration), and also, we can define not to return the part that we have configured as a commission in terms of management expenses.

  • In the event that less than 12 months have passed from the registration date, the refund will be issued directly by POS, if the enrollee used this means of payment.

  • In the event that more than 12 months have passed from the date on which the participant made his registration, the system will ask him for an account number to which he can make the deposit since the POS terminals do not allow the return of transactions with more than 12 months old. We will take care of ordering the bank transfers as a return from our bank (only bank accounts within the European economic environment in IBAN / SEPA format). Returns may take 3/4 business days from when we order them.

  • If you want to know how and when they will receive the amount of the refunds made by POS once they cancel their registration, we advise you to read the following article:

  • In any case, the participant will receive an email notifying him that the refund has been issued.

    If you have any other need that is not covered in this article, you already know, contact us 🤗

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