Mass import of registrants

The steps to carry out the bulk import from an Excel file are the following:

  1. Management / bulk import

  2. Select the feein which you want to import your registrants

  3. Click on the image of the Excel file to download the file

  4. Review all the indications for the configuration of the Excel to import

  5. Upload the same file that you have downloaded, adding the data of your registrants and without having modified the name or the order of the columns.

  6. Click the options you want

All you have to do is add to your registrants! 😄

Carry out manual registrations: individual and by teams

From AvaiBook Sports it is very easy to make manual registrations, whether individual or by teams. You just have to enter 👉 management / perform manual registration and follow all the steps that you will see on the screen. As an administrator you have the option of being able to register without applying the validations of the form of the mandatory fields. For it:

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