Register by teams

If you have to create these types of registrations because your event needs them (it is a relay race or a team triathlon) you can configure it from here 👉 configuration / registration fees / create a new registration fee / create team fee.

From this moment on, you will have to fill in the structure that you want this quota to have. Aspects such as the minimum and maximum limit per team, which can later be joined to the team and how the registration is paid (each component of the team or the entire team).

In addition, you can configure a maximum of registered teams (this limit will only affect this registration fee and not the entire event).

How to get the list by teams

To download the team list of your event, you just have to 👉 management / team list. In this way, you can see the list in a more optimized way, with details such as the number of components by gender of each team 💪.

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