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Bank account data
Bank account data
Bank account information, add a new account number, different account numbers and billing information.
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Add a new bank account number

It is very simple, you just have to go to πŸ‘‰ my profile / billing information / economic CCC / bank account of the event and fill in the information, you already have the account number configured πŸ˜„ you can change it at any time!

Different account numbers and billing information

There is no problem if you have different billing information for an event. We will always invoice and settle the data you provide us 😊. You only need to edit the data from πŸ‘‰ economic / billing data of your event (always before the opening of registrations).

If this option does not appear in your menu, write to us πŸ‘‡

You can also set up a particular bank account for each of your events from πŸ‘‰ economic / event bank account. In this way, all settlements for that event will go to that bank account πŸ€—

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