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Work with your own Look & Feel, enhance your brand
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At AvaiBook Sports we do not have the objective of making ourselves known through the events that are managed from our platform. What we are looking for - and what we work on daily - is that you can have more time to organize your event by using our platform that is 100% customizable for anything you need 🤗.

That is why we offer you Pro License 💪

Features Pro License

  • We configure the platform in 100% "white-label" mode so that you can adapt it to your look & feel

  • We customize your event listing iframes and classifications listing to your look & feel

  • We work on your own URL, for example: registrations.yourdomain.com

  • With your own registration conditions, privacy policy and legal notice

  • We make you a super-user: you can create clients under your own username and your own URL to be able to offer them all the power and possibilities of the platform and each one parameterized with the roles and permissions that you want

  • We eliminate our header, footer, logos, references such as "Powered by AvaiBook Sports" as well as any other of: web pages of the events, any iframe that you generate (registration form, private area of ​​the registered, list of participants, classifications, etc), System emails, proof of registration, virtual number #MyBibNumber, motivational image #ImGoing...

Anyway, you will work with our platform without anyone knowing it and you will have the option to modify the entire platform to work with the elements that make up your brand image🥰

Write us, ask us for the AvaiBook Sports Pro License dossier and find out everything! 😍

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