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Payment methods available for your event
Payment methods available for your event
Payment methods, POS, PayPal, bank transfer
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With AvaiBook Sports your participants can pay by bank card, both credit and debit, but it is not the only form of payment that you can activate. Within ๐Ÿ‘‰ Configuration / Payment methods you have the possibility of activating the payment by PayPal to an account of your property, or by bank transfer to the account number you define. In both cases, these are your payment methods and not ours, that is, the amount of the registrations managed through these payment methods will be charged directly by you, we will not enter it from AvaiBook Sports as we do with POS registrations .

In our opinion, payment by POS is so widespread and works so well that we do not recommend enabling these forms of payment because both PayPal and bank transfer have their cons, but as always, we put the platform at your disposal and you decide: -)

Registrations via PayPal

In the case of wanting to enable registrations with payment through PayPal, you must have an account with them and specify it, and you can also define the commission you want above the registration price for management expenses for using this form of payment (since PayPal also will charge you its corresponding commission which is usually 3.4% + โ‚ฌ 0.35):

Once the registration has been made and the payment has been processed by PayPal, the registration will be automatically confirmed as if you had paid by POS.

Registrations by bank transfer

In the case of wanting to enable registrations with payment by bank transfer, you must define the name of the bank, the beneficiary, the SWIFT code, the account number in IBAN format and the number of days limit to be able to make registrations by transfer before closing registrations :

Once the registration is made, the participant will receive an email with the instructions to be able to make the transfer, among which it stands out to specify the registration ID as the concept of the transfer so that you can search for the related registration, and you must also accept each and every one of those registrations manually, from ๐Ÿ‘‰ Management / List of registrants. When you accept a registration by bank transfer (because you have received the deposit in the indicated account) the registrant will receive his / her registration email confirmed with the registration receipt.

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