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What status can an registration be in?
What status can an registration be in?
Registration status, Payment pending, Confirmed, Canceled, Deleted
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Registration status

In AvaiBook Sports registrations can have several statuses:

Payment pending: registration has been made, but payment has not yet been confirmed. For example: A participant fills out the registration process and jumps to the POS but has not yet formalized the payment.

Confirmed: Registration has been completed successfully.

Canceled: It is a registration that has previously been confirmed, and you have decided to cancel.

Deleted: An entry can be deleted when, after completing the registration process, the payment has not been completed successfully. Either due to payment error or because it has expired due to waiting time.

A canceled registration had to be previously confirmed, while a registration pending payment can only be confirmed or deleted and if it is never confirmed the system automatically deletes it.

Keep in mind that by default in the list of registrants only confirmed registrations are shown, if you want to see the rest of registrations you have to filter by status:

Deleted registrations are kept separate since they have never been part of the list of registrants and you can see them in Management / Deleted registrations.

AvaiBook Sports only commissions for confirmed and canceled registrations.

Recover a deleted entry

If you need to recover a deleted registration do not worry because you can do it, the platform automatically saves all the registrations that have been deleted. To recover it, go to 👉 management / deleted registrations.

This screen will show all the deleted entries and the reason why they were deleted. Click on each of them and you will have the option to restore said registration.

Status of registrations in events with registration validation

In addition to the states mentioned above, if you have the mandatory validation of registrations activated in your event, you will also find the following states:

Confirmed but pending validation (Orange): The participant has made the registration correctly but has pending the validation of the documentation on your part.

Confirmed and validated (Green): The registration has been correctly confirmed and the documentation has been accepted by you.

Confirmed but rejected (Red): The registration has been confirmed correctly but you have rejected the validation document.

The mandatory validation of registrations is very useful when we need participants to upload some type of documentation and you need to confirm it on your part.

For example: Medical certificate, responsible statement, Covid19 manifest, etc.

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