If you want to know the traffic that the different campaigns you have created to publicize your events or your brand are having on your social networks, you can use this section of the platform. You will find it in 👉 general / tracking and analytics.

There you will find two tools with which you can work, and you simply have to copy the corresponding tracking code and activate it 💪

Facebook Pixel

With this tool you can measure the effectiveness of your advertising on social networks, you just have to put a code on your page that will help you track your conversions and analyze, for example ...:

  • That the ads are shown to the right people

  • You will be able to generate more sales

  • Measure the results of your ads

Google Analytics

A web analytics tool that provides grouped information on the traffic that reaches your websites based on the audience, behavior and conversions that occur on the page. This information is obtained through a combination of cookie analysis, browsers or JavaScript code.

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