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How to defer a registration
How to defer a registration
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The goal of our platform is to make your work as easy as possible and to help you to have a better relationship with your registrants. For this reason, in the AvaiBook Sports platform, your runners have the option to defer their registration, of course only when you want to.

In this article we explain in more detail how to activate this option:

👉 Inside the menu Configuration / Participant's private zone clicking the button "Configure deferrals" in the section "Allow participants to defer their registrations:

This following window will appear, where you can decide for which fees you wish to leave your registration pending, (in the example below, the option is active for the "15 Kms" fee but not for the "1 Km" fee) by deciding the period of time from and up to which you will be able to use the option to defer your registration (this period should be different for each fee).

If you activate it, in the following editions of your events, you will be able to download the list of deferred registrations and reload them. You should know that the status of a deferred registration is like the one they get when they are cancelled, but you can reactivate them whenever you want.

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