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Use AvaiBook Sports BibApp for the delivery of your bibs for your events, forget about paperwork at the runner's fair and speed up your delivery process.

Bibs can be delivered from any Android or IOS mobile device.

1. To use our BibApp you simply have to go to ๐Ÿ‘‰ Configuration / BibApp --> activate BipApp; configure the dates for bib delivery and create as many users as bib delivery points you are going to have at the Expo

2. Download the BipApp on the devices you are going to use for bib delivery. Below you will find links to download either from Google Play:

Or from the App Store:

3. Log in to BibApp with your user, password and event ID to download the list of registered participants - don't worry, the data is encrypted and no one will be able to download the information

4. Search for the participant with any of these indications: First Name, Last Name, Registration ID, ID, bib number, QR code. The BibApp will show you the assigned bib number together with the participant's main data and a button to mark it as delivered -you can also mark the bib as returned if there has been a mistake-.

You will not only be able to search for participants and assign them their bibs individually, but also assign bibs in groups, assign bib numbers to those who have not previously been assigned one, see real-time statistics of delivered and yet-to-be-delivered bibs, and various other options that will greatly speed up your bib giveaways.

In addition, from your private area of AvaiBook Sports, Management - Bib Delivery Statistics, you will be able to see in real time the number of bibs delivered and to be delivered with a general overview and for each delivery point, with delivery statistics by hour, number of bibs delivered per user, etc.

Important note: the internet connection will only be needed when downloading the BibApp and the list of participants during the first login. From then on, there is no problem if you lose your internet connection, the system will automatically update the delivered bibs, assigned bibs, changes in the database, etc. when the connection is re-established.

We promise you that once you try our APP, you will never want to run another race bib delivery in any other way! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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